Apple can still innovate. Today the company announced a computer unlike any other they’ve built, the newly redesigned Mac Pro. The new look is impressive – a space-aged cylindrical chassis designed around a unified thermal core to maximize airflow.

What exactly does that mean? Well, looking at the exterior you’ll notice this may be the perfect habitat for artificial intelligence – quite possibly named HAL. Underneath the impressive hood is plenty of muscle and horsepower. Designers, video editors, and musicians will be impressed.

The new Mac Pro will feature a 12-core, 256 bit Intel Xeon processor, 1,866 Mhz DD3 memory, dual AMD FirePro GPUs, and Thunderbolt 2 which will be capable of supporting three 4k video displays.

Completely redesigned, the new Mac Pro desktop looks lean, light, and streamlined. An object of affection that you will proudly display on your desk at home, or work.

The redesigned Mac Pro ($TBA) will be available later this year and will most certainly be an object of lust for all computer users alike. Need another reason to love this new machine? The redesigned Mac Pro will be assembled in the U.S.A.