As curators ourselves, we always appreciate similar efforts. Enter Kuvva, a Mac based application that automatically refreshes your desktop wallpaper with stunning artwork and photography from a select list of artists, illustrators, and photographers.

Kuvva is quite simple, automatically refreshing your Mac desktop with new wallpaper at select intervals. You can choose from weekly, daily, 12 hours, hourly, or every 30 minutes. If you want a bit more control over your desktop you also have the option to manually refresh your Mac desktop wallpaper at any time.

The folks at Kuvva select a new artist each week and curate a new image for your Mac desktop every day. And if you sign up for an account with Kuvva you can create a stream of favorites, which are easy to mark within the app or as your browse through their collection.

Kuvva ($2.99) is available for your Mac as well as your iPhone ($1.99). If you do create an account with Kuvva you also have the opportunity to share favorites across all of your devices.

Perhaps it’s because we just got back from seeing Iron Man 3 again, but we’re fans of the superhero collection from Liam Brazier.