The age of the connected home is here. Our living space is becoming less boring as industrial designers rethink our household fixtures. In the last few years we’ve seen the Nest redefine our thermostat and now Yves Behar has set his sights on improving our door locks.

With the introduction of the August Smart Lock our home’s security has been simplified and socialized. Behar’s design is an anodized aluminum lock that replaces your current deadbolt with a series of LED indicators and chimes to report its status.

August gives you the ability to control your home from your smartphone or desktop. It uses Bluetooth technology to sync directly with your phone and with its auto-unlock feature, August will sense you approaching your home and will automatically unlock the door for you.

The Smart Lock also gives you the ability to generate unlocking codes for specific people and times of the day, and provides a log of all the activity and access to your home.

The August Smart Lock ($199) will be available later this year and can be reserved in now. We’re one step closer to having JARVIS controlling our homes, now we just need that Iron Man suit.